Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms

Tales for the darkness in your mind. Eight stories from the twilight zone of shadows, cemeteries, castles; where life and death mingle in haunting dimensions of reality and unreality, of eerie journeys, strange beginnings, strange endings, and revenge from the grave.

A man quits his job and finds himself drawn into a world that does not really exist. In another story, a young high school graduate journeys to a strange English castle. In “Due Date” a writer returns to his home town to find the young woman who inspired his writing  journey and meets her in a shadow world. The final four stories take place in a cemetery where some are dying to get in while others are dying to get out.

“If you’re a reader who’s tired of blood and gore, or who’s never liked it, you should enjoy these suspenseful Twilight-Zone style stories. Some of them leave the reader wondering (which can be good or bad) but most are neatly tied up.” –Miss Scarlett, Amazon review.

“Eight stories with neat little Twilight Zone twists that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. My favourites were ‘Flowers For Martha Clements’, for the hauntingly melancholy vibe that sucks you into the story, and ‘Desecration’, for the fact that revenge is justly served.”-Rachel, Amazon review

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