Silent Murder

Finding a murdered man at your office desk one morning is shocking, but not as shocking as learning the victim’s identity and that this murder might be the first of many killings, and the killer may be closer to you than you could have imagined.

It is 1927 Hollywood when The Jazz Singer may change Hollywood forever. But someone wants to kill talking pictures before they start and he unleashes a diabolically insane plan to keep silent movies alive. It is up to Hollywood writer Chet Koski and his actress wife Eveleen, with help from Adela Rogers St. John, Charlie Chaplin, Clara Bow, and Adolph Zukor to stop the killings and change Hollywood in the process.

Silent Murder is a nourish murder mystery with a wealthy flirtatious flapper, bootleggers, Hollywood stars, and a deadly silent killer.

This is the third book for Chet and Eveleen, the Hollywood screenwriter and his actress wife. They first appeared in “Loonies in the Dugout” a satire on fame and celebrity involving the 1911 New York Giants. In my second e-novel I decided to make them amateur detectives in “Loonies in Hollywood.” Like the first e-novel this too was based on a true story. But “Silent Murder” is pure fiction. The idea came about because I thought the phrases “silent murder” and “silent films” gave me something to work with, because in addition to the story set in 1927 when silent movies were at their peak, the killer’s methods were silent in the execution of sound technicians. The killer has distaste for this new thing called talkies and he wants to stop them. And as promised, my favorite flapper is back to help her friends solve the murders.

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The cover on left was the original. The one without the knife I revised because Amazon would not allow the knife in advertising on their Marketing Service.

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