Who wins, Amazon Rain Forest or Amazon.com

The Amazon Rain Forest was created about 55 million years ago. This is an estimate, as Amazon.com, founded in 1994 and will be only 22 this year, was not selling calendars that many years ago, and as Einstein said, “Time is relative.” But clearly the Rain Forest is older. But older is not necessarily better.

The Rain Forest covers 2,700,000 square miles, or about the size of an Amzon.com warehouse. Humans began inhabiting the Rain Forest approximately 11,200 years ago-but again, there are no calendars to date this. Humans do not inhabit Amazon.com, it is a digital search engine inhabited by algorithms, pixels, and Reptilians from the home planet of Jeff Bezos. 

The Rain Forest has predators, many deadly, like the black caiman, jaguar (not the car), cougars, poison dart frogs (not all frogs kissed turn into princes), vampire bats (belavladisto lagosium), piranha and electric eels for swimmers, and of course the anaconda. Amazon.com also has predators. They are called trolls and these creatures with willful and malice fore thought and intention, write bad reviews, primarily of authors. These trolls are mean spirited bullies with poor self image, suffering from penis envy (they have none), and are jealous of anyone who can write a sentence, which these trolls-if you come across one of their reviews, clearly can not. Some have lizard-like skin and sit in a dank, dark room with cranked up music from artists nobody has heard of, a plate of stale maple bars sitting by the laptop as they attack anyone and everyone on any Internet venue.

But enough about my friends and relatives. The point is which is better, the Rain Forest or the Dot Com. Or perhaps, which is more important to the well being of humanity. The Rain Forest is needed for the vast amount of oxygen (or whatever it is that is good for us) the forest releases into the air. Plants, in case you have not heard, provide a livable atmosphere in which humans-that would be you and me-or you and I-live. If the Rain Forest, which has lost thousands of square miles due to deforestation, goes the way of the Dodo bird, then so will we because global warming will increase dramatically.

On the other hand Amazon.com provides everything you need or want in the entire global economy, and do so at low prices, better than Walmart, better than anything anywhere.

For instance if you click on “Loonies in the Dugout” above you will see this wonderful e-book for only 99 cents on Amazon. The Rain Forest will not sell this book, only Dot Com.

Okay, the Rain Forest wins, but don’t let that stop you from going to Amazon.com

Thanks for reading.

dugout (1)Loonies_In_Hollywood-375x712coyotemoon_silentmurder (1)


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