Who Was Dr. John Yeoman And What He Did For Writers ?

I subscribed to Dr. John Yeoman’s blog on writing for years. He died last month and I felt it time to share not only who he was, but some of his helpful blogs and his e-novels. Not only was John’s blogs helpful, written very conversational, but often with humor, and certainly intelligence.

First who he was can be found here 

Now a dozen of my favorite Dr. Yeoman blogs:

How To Shape Great Stories With Word Games

How to Plot A Story (Even If Plotting Scares You Silly)

7 Great Ways To Close A Story (and How Famous Authors Did It)

Do You Make These Six Big Mistakes With Your Writing Blog

How To Cope With Bad Feedback On Your Work

Nine Big Lies That Agents Tell You

Could This ‘Magic’ Trick Rescue Your Story

How To Sell 100,000 novels Without (Really) Trying

Three Ways (Not) To Kill Your Story In Its Cradle

Top Ten Tips For Promoting Your Book-From A Dog

How To Write A Kindle Best Seller

Five Top Tips For Being a Happy Writer

And he practiced what he preached and taught. Here is his Amazon Page. I have read “The Cunning Man” and “The Hog Lane Murders” and they are great for new writers for you can read the e-novel like you read any book, but is also has footnote markers. When you click a footnote number he shows the why and how he wrote that scene and you can learn from seeing what he is doing. Great writing tool.

Thanks John!

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4 thoughts on “Who Was Dr. John Yeoman And What He Did For Writers ?

  1. Oh, no. I wondered why John hadn’t responded to my invitation to guest blog for us again this year. I’m devastated! He was one of my favorite bloggers and online friends. Just really, really sad. He was so wise and had so much to teach.


  2. Terry, how did you hear about John’s death? I can’t find anything at the Writer’s Village site. I do see that all his Tweets and posts stopped around July 1. That’s when he stopped visiting our blog, too. I’m so devastated!


    • I received email from John about his cancer. He was going to write short stories using the names and characteristics of his followers for a small monthly contribution to an English cancer fund. I received a few short stories and then an email from his daughter Libby, I believe, saying he had died July 13th. His short stories written, no doubt using a template with individual names inserted along with things like favorite drink and locations substituted for each person came each week. He was a great teacher with wonderful humor.


      • Thanks for letting me know, Terry. He was such a wonderful man and a great teacher. I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss him. Also, he was one of the few people who actually got all the historical and cultural references in my books. He gave me the best compliment I’ve ever had on my writing, which is that he thought, on reading Sherwood Ltd., that I, a Californian, was “a right Brummie lass” (that’s somebody from the English Midlands.)

        Oh, what a lovely, funny, wise man we’ve lost! I’m afraid I’m a little weepy now. I’ll have to do a tribute to him on the blog.


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