An inside look at the life of a 21st century writer-no punches pulled

I was going to begin working on my new novel this morning, but first I had to write this post. A writer must have self imposed deadlines and schedules. There are certain days to write and publish posts for this blog. And I might add, a great warm up exercise for the days writing.

Of course I, as any writer, must also Tweet about my five e-books available at Amazon Kindle, and another Tweet or two, or three, directing other Tweeters to my website where they can learn about me and my books. Since I am on Twitter I should search for other people to follow, to see if they will also follow me.

And as long as I am being sociable, there are thirty communities at Google+ that I have to visit in order to comment on posts, give them the ‘+’ all in the hopes they will do the same for me. After commenting, promoting, and ‘+’ others, I can then promote my e-books, my blogs, my website. I promote the others first of course, not only because I am generous with my time, but also because if I don’t I will be chastised, exorcised from circle of friends, and banned from the community.

Having done all the above it was time for lunch. I did not make any progress on my new novel, but at least I was not wasting time.

After lunch I needed to make a decision about Facebook. It really does little good promoting my books to family and friends. Though some are encouraging (some as in few, very few), most don’t have a Kindle, and others don’t care. They are busy posting funny videos of cats and sharing recipes for Risengrod (tap for recipe). So do I now create a Facebook fan page when I have not enough fans to make it worthwhile. And what do I do on my fan page anyway?

Then their is marketing to consider. Do I try Amazon merchandising campaign ads to promote my books?  You must spend money to make money is the old adage. No doubt coined by an ad salesman to make money from those who won’t make money.

Prior to the Internet, writing was a solitary art, now it is a social art. My question is, when do I find time to write my next book? It is dinner time after all. Maybe after viewing those cat videos.

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This post was revised and edited from one of my posts on a different website.





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